Preparing for doomsday

I know there hasn’t been a blog post in quite a while – but unfortunately, nothing fascinating has been happening over the past few weeks. I feel like my life has “normalized” to the point where I just autopilot to work and back, cook, and do laundry. I obviously didn’t want to bore you with that :-).

However, over the past few weeks, I have accumulated a few interesting stories worth telling. Hooray!


The weather in DC is weird, and by weird I mean awful 26°C one day, -4°C the other. Last week life in the DC Metro Area just stopped after a blizzard warning. Yes, a blizzard warning. My roommate told me to stock up on food and water, which naturally, everyone was planning to do. Every store had empty shelves and was crammed with people. It took us 30 minutes to stand in line to pay for our groceries, an absolute record.

Snow in NoMa, the neighbourhood I live in.
Snow in NoMa, the neighborhood I live in.

And so the snow came. Interestingly, only 12CM fell, which was less than half what the media forecasted (damn it, fake news!) While only being 12CM, I was still heavily inconvenienced as I was the only person that had to go to work and didn’t have any appropriate footwear for the snow.

The weather in Maryland, the state enclaving Washington DC.
The weather in Maryland, the state enclaving Washington DC.

Meeting Donald

I also met my good friend Donald for the first time in real life. We’ve created two startups, known each other for five years, but never actually met in real life. Sad, right? Well, we did make use of the opportunity and had an awesome weekend in DC!

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